Head of Service Blog - 2nd of February 2017

Gareth Churcher



2017 has seen an exciting start for Cornwall Music Service Trust (CMST), commencing for us as a service on the 3rd of January with a thought provoking, uplifting and highly enjoyable training day with Phil Mullen (pictured below). The content of the training session, part funded by Cornwall Music Education HUB, focused on ways to help nurture and develop the talents of those children who we work with that have special educational needs. Raising awareness of this type of approach is the continual commitment we have to being a fully inclusive Music Service, addressing the needs of all learners. In addition, we opened our doors to other practising musicians and teachers to take part in the training, offering a wonderful opportunity for all those not part of CMST to network with other colleagues and see the huge team ethos we have as a Trust.


Following on from this training another exciting event was the launch of our brand new website giving CMST a new look for the new year. Combining forces with EMPRA, marketing and PR experts in the education sector, we have created a website that develops some aspects of our previous site and gives us a platform to expand and develop our online presence further. An integrated sign up page for our learners and student portal for student and staff materials are a few of the many new exciting areas of the website that we will be taking further in the next 12 months.

January saw the implementation of a new initiative to recognise hard work and commitment of pupils within CMST. CMST’s Pupil Of The Month allows teachers to offer nominations of pupils who they believe work exceptionally hard with the successful nominee being awarded the honour of this accolade. There will be one pupil per month who will be successful and at the end of the year one lucky individual will be crowned Pupil Of The Year and receive £50 of music shop vouchers. I am hoping that this will give rise to some healthy competition and give a great incentive to all our aspiring young musicians to maybe practice that little bit harder and longer, get there a little earlier to help set the room for the ensemble rehearsal, show consideration and caring for other learners in the group etc. Details of the first ever CMST Pupil Of The Month will be posted on our new website soon, so please look out for this exciting news!

It's hardly believable now that CMST is 2 years young! We have an ever expanding staff base which, in turn means that the number of people

accessing our provision is also growing fast. I have long believed that the number of children and young people learning a musical instrument in Cornwall could be developed and this in turn, with the appropriate routes of progression, will lead to more ensemble music making. Furthermore, the added benefits of all the non-musical developments will be further heightened but I am confident that all of this will be taken to a new level with further integration to community music making and family learning. The enhancements will then be on both sides of the coin, with not just our learners and our service developing but the wider community and families soon also feeling the musical and non-musical rewards of music making.

There are many exciting events that are planned and are in planning for 2017 so please visit our website and follow our facebook page to keep up to speed.  Since launching in 2015 CMST has had a celebration, two anniversaries but we are now looking to the future.