A shared statement of belief between The James Sargent Early Years Music Education Trust (JSEYMET)and Cornwall Music Service Trust (CMST) about music education of the under fives.

When thinking about Music with young children ages 0 - 5, we like the idea of growth, and that involves growing deep roots as well as producing all the external evidence of musical growth. We understand a very young child's innate musicality means that their natural ways of expression in play tell us that the elements of music - the beat, rhythm, loud and soft, high and low, fast and slow, and emotion are all there from birth. These are the seeds for musical growth. You can observe and hear this if you are attentive to what they are doing and burbling.

Our pattern of teaching and learning then, over the first five years is gradually to foster the growth of each child's ability to express themselves, employing creatively these musical elements in voice (words) and movement with growing confidence and understanding. The whole teaching and learning process is aligned therefore, with the individual musical growth point of each child at any given time. There is much joy and satisfaction to be gained by each child from being aware of, and sharing their own increasing powers of expression. If by year five these eight elements are deeply felt, and are an integral part of their expressive vocabulary, then given the opportunity, for those who want it, all the theoretical musical superstructure, playing of instruments and singing in the genre of their choice can easily and quickly be learned.  The musical world is their oyster! You could also say these days that the world is their musical oyster!

Early Years Music at CMST is embedded in excellent EYFS practice offering support through:

Enabling environments.

Developing positive relationships.

Innovative music focused adult led activities.

Ofsted approved observation techniques.

We are committed to child led musical play to support discovery and development not only as an expressive art but throughout the specific and prime areas.

CMST Early Years Team recognise that an awareness of sounds and vibrations before birth form the beginnings of our musical literacy. Valuing it's capacity to engage, communicate and access learning about our world from birth and beyond.

The first 5 years is crucial for our musical development.

“Where words fail, music speaks.” ― Hans Christian Andersen 


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