CMST runs and supports an extensive network of choirs and ensembles on behalf of the Cornwall Music Education Hub. CMST recognises how valuable ensemble experience can be in the development of musical skills, offering enrichment for players on both a musical and personal level. It allows players to grow in confidence and to experience teamwork within a musical framework which encourages achievements in both musical and social skills. Please see list below of various ensemble opportunities through CMST.

County Level HUB Funded*

Cornwall Youth Brass Ensemble (Truro)

Cornwall Youth Jazz Orchestra (Truro)

Cornwall Youth Orchestra (Truro)

Cornwall Youth Percussion Ensemble (Truro)

Cornwall Youth Wind Orchestra (Truro)

Sax is our Business (Truro)

Area Level HUB Funded*


Marlborough Guitars (Falmouth)

Cape Cornwall Guitars (Cape Cornwall)

Strings Ensembles

Caradon Strings (Liskeard)

Newquay Strings (Newquay)

Restormel Junior Strings (St Austell)

St Austell Chamber Orchestra (St Austell)

Triggshire Strings (Camelford)

Truro Junior String Orchestra (Truro)

Truro Youth String Orchestra (Truro)

Kernow West Folk Group (Camborne)


Carrick Breeze (Truro)

Carrick Winds (Truro)

Flautistas (Penwith College)

Penzance Junior Wind Band (Penzance)

Penzance Youth Wind Band (Penzance)

Triggshire Winds (Camelford)

Whirlwinds (Camelford)

County Level (not HUB Funded)*


Cornwall Youth Chamber Choir (Truro)

Cornwall Junior Choir (Truro)


Terpsichore (Truro)

Recorders Rule (Truro)

Area Level (not HUB funded)*


Fal River Strings (Mylor Bridge)

Atlantic Strings (Camelford)


Westwinds Sax Ensemble (Falmouth)

* Area level ensembles invite members of all abilities, as opposed to county level ensembles that are normally of Grade 5 (or equivalent) and above. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the CMST office or go to for further advice.