How do I start lessons for my child?

In the first instance, please contact your school to see what lessons are currently offered by CMST teachers, and to confirm who invoices parents. (In some cases we invoice the school for provision and they invoice parents, in others we invoice parents direct).  The school will have an application form which you will need to fill out and return; alternatively, if parents are invoiced by CMST direct the form can be completed online here.

If sufficient demand is met for a new instrument, we will supply a teacher to visit the school.

New pupils will normally be started as soon as possible. Their teacher will advise you on what instrument and accessories you will need, and also if there is any music required before the first lesson.

Instrument hire for almost all instruments is available through various providers such as:

Trevada Music
Cornwall Music Education Hub
Duchy Brass

This list is not definitive so please contact the CMST office for further details.

How many children will be in my child’s group?

We normally teach in groups of four pupils; however, there are other options available. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

How many lessons will my child be offered?

CMST will deliver 34 lessons per school year, delivered as 12,10 and 12 lessons respectively in the three terms. This allows some flexibility for school INSET, our own INSET, and other factors such as Bank Holidays and school closures due to extreme weather, etc.

When will my child’s lesson be?

CMST aims to teach the same day each week with either a fixed or rotating timetable, depending on the schools’ requirement. Wherever possible, your CMST teacher will send you a copy of the proposed timetable before the first lesson so you will know exactly when the lesson will take place. Music lessons will commence in the 2nd full week of the Autumn term and the 1st week of the Spring and Summer terms unless you receive a different communication from your school or CMST teacher.

What happens if my child is absent?

If the lesson has been offered and your child was absent you will still be charged.  If possible, the teacher will make up the time, but you will be charged regardless.

What happens if the teacher is absent?

If the teacher is absent they will make all reasonable attempts to offer another lesson before the end of the academic year. If a teacher cannot make up the lesson a refund will be offered.

What happens if the student is taken out of school for a trip, or the school is closed?

The lesson will still be charged but as long as sufficient notice has been given by the school, parent or carer then the lesson missed will be made up where possible. For full Terms & Conditions please refer to your service agreement or CLICK HERE.

How will I be informed of my child’s progress?

Subject to availability, your child will be issued with a Practice Diary at their first lesson. Each week the teacher will make helpful comments, and you can also ask questions and gain feedback through this Diary.
Once a year, your teacher will give a fully comprehensive Progress Report detailing your child’s attainment in all areas of their instrument and giving suggestions for progress in the future.
You can also contact your child’s teacher via your school or through the CMST office at any time and the teacher will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Can my child take part in an ensemble?

There are various ensembles for varying abilities run by CMST staff. If you are interested in your child taking part in this amazing experience please speak to your CMST teacher or contact the office.


How can I pay?

Invoices for your child’s lessons will be sent either by email or post, depending on the method you requested on registration with CMST. Payment is required BEFORE the first lesson of term is delivered.

There are various ways you can pay (for further details please refer to your invoice):

  • by BACS/Bank Transfer To make payments via BACS or bank transfer you will need to quote our sort code: 20-87-94 and our account number: 43781631 If you use online banking you may wish to make Cornwall Music Service Trust one of your payees.  It is preferable that your invoice number is used as a payment reference.  However, should your bank not allow you to change a reference, please use 'ACC****' where **** is your parental account number. 
  • by Monthly Standing Order – We can calculate the annual charge and spread your fees across 12 monthly payments from your bank or building society. Please contact for more information if you would like to consider this method of payment
  • Via Paypal through our Pay an Invoice page using your debit/credit card 
  • by cheque (£1.50 admin fee applies)
  • by debit/credit card by phoning 01872 246043 (£2.50 admin fee applies)

Do I qualify for help with paying the fees?

If you think you might qualify for financial assistance with paying for lessons, please CLICK HERE for more details of the Remission of Fees Scheme run by Cornwall Music Education Hub or contact the CMST office.  Please note that subsidies are available for one instrument per child only and cannot be claimed in retrospect.  I.e. you must inform us of the entitlement before commencement of lessons or you will be liable for fees.

Further Frequently asked questions regarding invoicing and charging can be found here