We would like to take this opportunity to remind you all about the Radford Charitable Trust and its free instrument loan scheme.  Instruments can be leant to students resident in Cornwall (or for those in Higher Education, who have lived in Cornwall till the age of 18 years).  Instruments are loaned free of charge for up to three years, and are usually insured worldwide.  To enquire, please visit our website www.radfordtrust.org (where you will also find information about the Trust’s grant scheme).

At the moment, we have 45 instruments out on loan with another 4 awaiting issue after attention by relevant repairers.

For your information, instruments currently available are:

·         Violins – 3/4, 7/8, 4/4 sizes

·         Viola – 16” back Stentor

·         Cello – ¾ size only

·         Flutes – student level instruments (Yamaha 211 or equivalent)

·         Clarinets in B Flat – student level instruments, Buffet E13, Peter Eaton Elite (which may be issued to an existing borrower if no other applications are forthcoming)

·         Clarinet in A – Edgeware model (pre E13)

·         Trumpets in B Flat – student level instruments 

·         French Horn – Boosey & Hawkes GDR full double

·         Baritone Horn – Yamaha 201

·         Euphonium – B&S Sonora 3 valve

·         Tenor Trombone – Yamaha model with Trigger

For those teachers whose students have applied, those instruments are not counted as in stock.   Also, I have one 4/4 Cello and one Cor Anglais which are being held for a couple of weeks in anticipation of a full application. 

Instruments are issued on a first-come, first-served basis.  If there is a suitable instrument available, it will be checked over by a repairer and then issued.