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Congratulations go to Alistair Sutton-Freckelton who has been awarded CMST Pupil of The Month for November, 2017.

Alistair is a keen Flautist who is taught by Rebecca Sampson, CMST woodwind teacher, and has a real passion for is music making as you will read below.


When speaking to Mrs Sampson she commented that “Alistair has always been a very hard-working and enthusiastic flute student. He practises regularly and participates in school ensembles and also Carrick Winds.”


Mrs Sampson continued to say “But it is how Alistair spent his Autumn half-term that really showed me his love for his instrument. Many students will be too distracted during school holidays to pick up their instrument.”


“The lesson before half-term we had played through the first two pages of a Grade 8 piece (Devienne Sonata). The lesson after half-term Alistair played to me all five pages of this same Grade 8 piece, with attention to not only the notes but also the articulations. He showed me a real hunger for learning, not to mention a real enjoyment of the piece. I was really taken aback and applauded him, with ‘Bravo!’ Since then, Alistair has memorised another Grade 8 piece (CPE Bach Sonata in A minor, the first one we learned).”


Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, said “Alistair was one of many very strong nominees this month but his conscientious approach to music making really stood out. He shows a real passion for his own personal performance but demonstrates a huge commitment to ensemble music making too. Well done Alistair!”



December will see the final opportunity for pupils to be nominated by their teachers for the 2017 awards. From this one lucky pupil will be recognised as the CMST Pupil of the Year for 2017! So parents and pupils give your teachers a little nudge if you feel you are worth of a nomination and remember that all applications must be in by the 20th of December to be eligible.