CMST Trumpet students had a wonderful experience when they met and worked with professional player and trumpet teacher - Paul Denegri - at the weekend.

Paul, who is a tutor at Wells Cathedral School, came to Truro School on Saturday 27th October to share his vast knowledge and wisdom with some of our advanced young trumpeters. The time was spent developing breathing techniques and warm-ups and allowing the youngsters to try out new ideas in their playing. James G from Penzance played one of the pieces he is preparing for his Grade 8. Paul helped James to shape some of the phrases and to add more style in his performance. Immy T from Mawnan impressed Paul with her playing by heart of one of her solos. Paul was able to again show Immy how to further create a fabulous atmosphere in her already beautiful playing. Harry F was put into the hot seat with a warm up game he managed with real confidence. 

A most enjoyable morning was had by all.