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Congratulations go to Nicholas Frantz who has been awarded the CMST Pupil of The Month award for January, 2018.

Nicholas is a grade 8 Sax and Clarinetist who is taught by Verena Watkiss, CMST woodwind teacher and woodwind team manager. His commitment to his playing both as an individual and with ensembles is amazing as you will read below.

When speaking to Mrs Watkiss she commented that “I have been teaching Nick since year 3 at Nansloe school and it is great to have seen him flourish in the years I have been teaching him. More recently I have been so impressed with his commitment. He has always had a natural ear and ability and sometimes has found it easy to get away with not practicing, however as he has advanced it is obvious he is putting in extra effort at home. He recently passed his grade 6 with distinction and now has sax lessons as well.”



Mrs Watkiss continued to say “He played at Polgwynne for us last year and I am really impressed that he has now joined the County Youth Wind Orchestra and as a result of that has been invited to Sax is our Business. Nick supports all the school ensembles at Helston college and also events in the community. He is a fantastic musician and lovely young man.”

Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, said “I had the pleasure of accompanying Nicholas for the Magical Music in May event at Polgwynne. It was apparent then he had real enthusiasm and natural ability for his music making. Furthermore, I know that Nicholas had to make a huge effort to make this concert and it is a huge testament to his commitment and dedication. Well done Nicholas - you are a deserving recipient of this award.”