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Congratulations go to Laurie-Mai Butler who has been awarded the CMST Pupil of The Month Award for May, 2018.


Laurie-Mai has been through a real journey and with some amazing support from her teacher, CMST’s Elizabeth Hobbs, her music has allowed her to develop not just musically but in confidence too. Below you will read an interesting report from Miss Hobbs which really demonstrates the power of music…..


“Laurie-Mai started singing lessons in the Autumn term of 2016, at this time Laurie-Mai had very low self-esteem and confidence. Although Laurie-Mai had a very good attendance to lessons, Laurie-Mai did not have confidence enough to sing in front of me. Laurie-Mai would only hum songs and became very frustrated at herself which made her very emotional, very often ending up in tears but Laurie-Mai continued to persevere. Laurie-Mai chose not to take any exams but wanted to continue lessons for pleasure. Laurie-Mai never gave up and continued practicing regularly and attending lessons. By the Spring term 2017 Laurie-Mai was beginning to sing aloud but still lacked in confidence to sing in front of anyone else. In the Autumn of 2017 Laurie-Mai began her Music GCSE which was a real challenge. Her confidence was beginning to grow and flourish, showcasing her beautiful voice. Laurie-Mai persevered and her commitment to her music lessons saw her through to achieve an A in her GCSE music performance exam. Laurie-Mai has overcome many obstacles in her personal life and her school life over the past 2 years and her singing has developed and flourished due to her commitment, positive attitude and love of music. Laurie-Mai took part in a school concert in April showcasing students talents, this was the first time Laurie-Mai had ever performed in public and the first time her parents had heard her sing.”

Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, commented “This report from Elizabeth Hobbs really caught the attention of the panel and we were so delighted to read of Laurie-Mai's commitment and determination. The transformation that the music lessons have had to Laurie-Mai's confidence is testament enough of how important peripatetic music lessons are as part of the school's overall education and provision to its students. Well done Laurie-Mai, absolutely delighted that you have been awarded the POTMA for May!! ”