Congratulations go to Monty Manning who has been awarded the CMST Pupil of The Month Award for February 2019.

PoTMA February 2019.jpg

Monty’s teacher, Anna Minear, tells us “Monty had been learning the trumpet up until October last year but was really struggling to get any higher than the note E. I therefore suggested to Monty's mum that he tried a bigger instrument and we found him a baritone. The instrument is almost as big as Monty, but he gave it a go and we discovered he could suddenly pitch higher notes!”

Monty has been working really hard since then, and in January Anna suggested they work towards a Music Medal. “The home practice rate has certainly increased even more and the desire to earn a medal has really made Monty determined to work as hard as possible and he is enjoying his playing. Last week we worked on the skills options of the medal and Monty sailed through” Anna proudly tells us. 

Anna tells us she nominated Monty for pupil of the month because despite finding things difficult he has never given up and he now arrives at his lesson with a huge smile, excited to tell Anna about what he has practiced and he still manages to helps others in his group! 

Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, commented “This is a great example of perseverance. Monty, with the help and support of Anna, persevered through a challenging time in his music learning. It is always the easy option to give up when things seem hard. By changing his instrument, Monty has found a new love for his music making.

Fantastic Monty, well done and keep up the great work.”