Our broad Business Plan objectives can be grouped as follows:

Learner Experience

  1. To identify and nurture talent of all abilities across all levels and stages, from learners that are just embarking on their first musical experiences to those who are exceptionally gifted and talented and demonstrate high levels of excellence
  2. To be inclusive; to reach all learners including those that are socially, educationally, geographically, physically or financially challenged
  3. To ensure that our curricula are ethnically and culturally diverse and inclusive
  4. To develop a range of formal and non-formal teaching methods that engage and encourage all learners
  5. To provide exciting and engaging performance opportunities
  6. To support and develop an Ensemble Network for instrumental and vocal performers (including adult learners)
  7. To provide and signpost opportunities for progression
  8. To develop a formal annual reporting system to facilitate feedback to students and their parents/carers
  9. To develop a system of bursaries to support the Learner Experience

Organisational Framework

  1. To maintain a financially sustainable organisation
  2. To provide a safeguarded teaching environment that protects learners and teachers
  3. To develop a Quality Assurance Strategy
  4. To develop a robust system for staff appraisal and development
  5. To develop our Health and Wellbeing Strategy
  6. To identify and provide opportunities for developing the skills of Trustees and the effectiveness of the Board of Trustees
  7. To make best use of appointed advisers and friends scheme

Partnership with Educational Establishments 

  1. To support educational establishments in recognising the value of music
  2. To exercise our influence in the provision of suitable environments for musical activities
  3. To engage, where possible with the latest research and development in music education
  4. To promote partnerships with a wide range of organisations including schools, colleges, universities, conservatoires and wider educational establishments
  5. To encourage dialogue with the informal and independent teaching sector, especially with the aim of promoting good teaching practice and teacher development

Service Development

  1. To develop an Early Years Music Strategy
  2. To develop a Vocal Strategy
  3. To develop a sustainable First Access programme
  4. To maintain a strong working relationship with Cornwall Music Education Hub, whilst being prepared for changes in national policy
  5. To make bids and applications for grant funding to other organisations with a view to increasing or enhancing our services
  6. To explore working with other performing art forms