Lesson Type Tariff
GROUP TYPE 1: Based on a Group of 4 or 5 - 30 minutes £5.25
GROUP TYPE 2: Based on a Group of 2 for 20 minutes/3 for 30 minutes £7.00
Group of 2 – 30 Minutes £10.50
Individual 20 Minutes £14.20
Individual 30 Minutes £21.00
Award individual 30 Minutes £10.50
Curriculum support – 39 Weeks £42.00 per hour
Ensemble & First access – 34 to 39 Weeks £42.00 per hour
Exam Accompaniment Ranging from £16.80 (initial) to £42.00 (grade 8)

For instrumental and vocal 34 week provision there are various options available to schools and parents/carers where available and at the teachers’ discretion.  All prices are per pupil. Subsidies apply to one instrument per child only.  Some schools may operate their own charging and subsidising policy:

Invoices are sent upon confirmation of the date of first lesson for new pupils, and thereafter at the end of each term in advance for the following term.  Invoice terms for full payment are 14 days.  However, should you wish to budget for the whole academic year we can on request calculate a monthly standing order amount (please contact the office after receipt of invoice).