July 2017 PoTM.jpg

Congratulations go to Finn Ripley who has been awarded the CMST Pupil of The Month award for July, 2017.

Finn has been learning the drums for around 2.5 years, and has recently passed his Grade One Drum Kit with a high Merit. Andy Bilham (CMST Keyboard & Jazz Team Manager and percussion teacher) said “Finn got the practice bug about 9 months ago and, after the 100 Minute Practice Challenge was trialled at his school, really got the bit between his teeth.”

Andy continued to comment “Finn was completing a level (100 minutes of practice) every week, and successfully achieved the highest level 10, equating to 16.5 hours of practice, just before the end of his Year 6 at school.  10 Levels in 8 weeks!”

“Finn has been a great role model to the other 14 drum students at school, and has consolidated and moved on with his playing tremendously, performing excellently at the recent Music Gala evening at Porthleven School.  As he starts his studies at Helston School in September, he will be superbly equipped to take his drumming on and up with his new teacher.

Finn would be an excellent recipient of the PoTM for July, and as the first ever pupil in Cornwall to achieve Level 10 in the 100 Minute Challenge, richly deserves recognition for his hard work.”

Gareth Churcher, Head of Service for CMST, said “This is a well deserved award with Finn demonstrating real commitment and passion for his music making. Furthermore it’s great to see the teachers of CMST constantly looking at ways to inspire their young learners to practice and play more. Well done to Finn for being a worthy recipient and thanks to Andy for his innovation and new initiative, the 100 Minute Practice Challenge. ”