This year’s West of England Bandsman’s Festival is on Saturday 16 th June. Entry Forms are now available on the Festival Web Site and are available with full details and Rules at www.webf.co.uk

Mark Wilkinson, who is this year’s music Adjudicator, is making his first appearance at this unique open air Festival, which draws several thousand spectators from all over Cornwall and the United Kingdom to the village of Bugle in mid Cornwall. Bands can compete in seven different Sections, including Youth and Training, as the organisers are particularly keen to encourage young musicians to participate in competitive music making.

Jonathan Lush Camps LRSM will be making his first appearance as the new Festival Deportment Judge.

As a Summer Festival the Trustees are aware of the difficulty this can cause to Bands who would like to attend, but may have problems caused by player’s holidays and examinations for younger musicians in entering with a full Band. To assist with this potential problem the Rules have been changed for 2018 to allow a Band to include up to 5 Guest Players, subject to certain conditions, as detailed in the Festival Rules on the Web Site.

Prize money totals some £4000, with £1000 going to the winners of the Championship Section, as well as the prestigeous Royal Trophy, presented by the then Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall to the Festival in 1913.

Well over 40 other Trophies are presented throughout the various Sections, including 12 special Soloists Awards, which are eagerly sought after by the Musicians.

Set Test Pieces in all Sections, other than Youth and Training, include music by Gilbert Vinter, Peter Graham, Robert Redhead and Paul Lovatt-Cooper.

Entries close on 5th May, but applications should be made as soon as possible to guarantee participation.

Phillip Hunt, Publicity Officer, 01752 843919.

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CHAMPIONSHIP SECTION. Isaiah 40 – Robert Redhead. March – Jubilee - Paul Drury

FIRST SECTION. Symphony of Marches – Gilbert Vinter. Guardian of My Soul – Darren Shaw.

SECOND SECTION. Fire in the Blood – Paul Lovatt-Cooper. Salutation from Cornish Hymns Set No. 3 – Kenneth Pelmear

THIRD SECTION. The Haslemere Suite – Peter Graham.

FOURTH SECTION. A Circus Suite – Stuart Johnson.

YOUTH SECTION. Own Choice Test Piece

TRAINING SECTION. Own Choice (no longer than 10 minutes)